MEN creates multiplatform editorial hub

MEN Media has created an "editorial hub" to underpin its plans to converge its digital, print and broadcast platforms.

MEN includes the Manchester Evening News, more than 20 other print titles, Channel M Television and Manchester Online, and journalists are now expected to work across all the separate media.

Separate desks controlling news, features, business and pictures have been removed, with each function being carried out from a central hub to improve communication and the flow of information between sectors.

At the centre of the hub is a core of decision making, where the nature and quality of a story is considered as well as the best way to present it.

MEN Media moved this month to a state-of-the-art office complex in the heart of the leisure and arts district of Manchester.

MEN assistant editor Ian Wood (pictured), who is responsible for implementing the convergent strategy within MEN Media, said: "This is an exciting time for us. We have moved into a new building and have seized the opportunity to completely rethink the way we organise ourselves as a media company.

"Others are talking the talk of convergence and newsroom redesign, but we are walking the walk. We have a fully operational multimedia newsroom from which we are turning out first- class products.

"At the centre of our thinking is the quality of the content. We have created an environment in which we not only focus on telling the best stories, but also consider the best way to tell those stories, whether it be in a newspaper, on TV or on the internet."

The Telegraph Group this month implemented a similar digital newsroom strategy when it moved to Victoria.

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