Marr fears for disappearing jobs


BBC journalist and former Independent editor Andrew Marr has expressed his concern over the future of journalism.

Speaking to The Independent, Marr said: ‘In the end, does it really matter if newspapers physically disappear? Probably not: the world is always changing. But does it matter if organisations independent enough and rich enough to employ journalists to do their job disappear? Yes, that matters hugely; it affects the whole of life and society.”

Marr also went on to say that he felt there had been a change in focus in political news coverage, with stories focusing more on the personality than the actual news. He said: “We’ve had huge numbers of stories about the extent to which Gordon Brown is depressed, gloomy, not sleeping. We have had lots of analysis of David Cameron’s media strategy and style, all of which is interesting and important up to a point – but I worry how much is being slipped through in terms of policy changes.”

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