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Mail on Sunday columnist Rachel Johnson sacked by incoming editor Ted Verity in first face-to-face meeting

Mail on Sunday columnist Rachel Johnson is set to leave the newspaper after being sacked by incoming editor Ted Verity.

Johnson’s last column will run this weekend, Press Gazette understands.

The first issue of the Mail on Sunday under Verity’s editorship will publish the week after, on 9 September.

Verity takes over from Geordie Greig, who has edited the Mail on Sunday for six years. Greig is leaving to edit the Daily Mail.

Mail editor Paul Dacre is stepping down from editing the daily title after 26 years to become editor-in-chief of publisher Associated Newspapers.

Johnson, a former editor of The Lady magazine, has written her Mail on Sunday column for six years – starting at the same time as Greig.

She has sometimes used it to comment on political decisions made by her brother Boris, who recently returned to his Daily Telegraph column after resigning as Foreign Secretary over Brexit negotiations.

Johnson told Press Gazette she met Verity for the first time today in a hotel, where he told her she was sacked as a columnist.

She said: “It was courteous of him to do it to my face and I wish him all the best. I completely understand he wants to put his own mark on the paper.”

The Guardian has reported that Johnson had been given a year-long contract extension by Greig just weeks earlier.

Soon after announcing he planned to step down from the Daily Mail, Dacre criticised Johnson’s column in a diary for the Spectator, saying it “gives banality a bad name”.

He said he was responding to her comments on the Today programme in which she was “rejoicing that the future Mail will be less inflammatory and more inclusive”.

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5 thoughts on “Mail on Sunday columnist Rachel Johnson sacked by incoming editor Ted Verity in first face-to-face meeting”

  1. Rachel Johnson was unheard of as a “Fleet Street” name at all until she surfaced as if in an orchestrated blitz her father credits children of being capable of.

    Blitz is my word but the evidence comes from the clan.

    Just as she and her father both used the same phrase “not far enough”
    about Boris Johnson’s attacks on Muslim women.

    Press Gazette needs to do investigative pieces including on what the point of columns such as Rachel Johnson’s are.

    What did she contribute to the rigour of the Debate on anything she had her name to in the Mail on Sunday?

    What are the details of how she got that spot, to begin with.

    Did gender play a part?
    Did clan play a part?
    Did ethnicity play a part?

    Would an African, Asian person
    get the freedom to ‘write’
    with the apparent liberty she was allowed
    for six years?

    If they would, who might they be?

    Press Gazette has not asked these questions.

    It should do.

    How does her employment of 6 years compare with

  2. I find it really difficult to believe anyone buys these newspapers to read their columnists, save for the odd exception like Jeremy Clarkson. It’s money down the drain. The salaries paid to these people – many of whom don’t even write the columns themselves – could pay for three, four, five, maybe even more, investigative journalists. Punters are more likely to pick your paper up because you’ve got an incredible, shocking, exclusive story on the front, than for Rachel Johnson’s column on page 35.

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