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Mag ABCs: Tough times for women's weeklies with Now down 21 per cent and Look falling 35 per cent

Time Inc magazines Now and Look have suffered the heaviest fall in sales year-on-year within the declining UK women’s weeklies sector, the latest ABC figures for the first half of the year show.

Look was down by 35 per cent to 59,390 copies per week from nearly 92,000 on the previous year, marking the biggest drop in combined (print and digital) circulation across the board.

The figures, covering the start of January to the end June this year, show that of the 24 audited UK women’s weeklies, half recorded a double-figure fall in sales year-on-year.

Now is down 21 per cent year-on-year to 86,838 followed by Closer, owned by Bauer Media, down 20 per cent year-on-year to 196,126.

In June, Time announced that more than 100 journalists would be at risk of redundancy as it sought to consolidate staff, with Look and Woman magazines said to be involved in the shake-up.

Woman’s Weekly was Time Inc’s best performing weekly title, with a circulation of 267,081 down 6 per cent on the previous year.

Sales of Heat magazine are down 17 per cent year-on-year while Grazia is down 13 per cent year-on-year.

Ok! Magazine is down 4 per cent year to 170,231 while Hello! – which sells more than 60,000 additional copies than its glossy rival – recorded a decline in sales of 9 per cent year-on-year.

UK women’s weeklies total combined circulation, Jan-June 2017 (source: ABC):

Product Owner Total Year-on-Year % Change % Actively Purchased 
Take a Break H Bauer Publishing 515,019 -8.4 100
Stylist (FREE) Shortlist Media Ltd 400,942 -0.9
Woman’s Weekly Time Inc. (UK) Ltd 267,081 -6 99.9
HELLO! Hello! Ltd 230,940 -8.8 95.9
Chat Time Inc. (UK) Ltd 225,436 -11.4 100
That’s Life H Bauer Publishing 204,065 -7.3 100
Closer Bauer Consumer Media 196,126 -19.8 96.2
The People’s Friend D C Thomson & Co Ltd 186,817 -7.6 99.6
New! Northern & Shell Magazines Ltd 184,021 -15.1 98.8
Woman Time Inc. (UK) Ltd 183,872 -17.6 100
Woman’s Own Time Inc. (UK) Ltd 170,385 -10.9 100
OK! Magazine Northern & Shell PLC 170,231 -3.5 89.4
Bella H Bauer Publishing 161,647 -8.2 100
Best Hearst Magazines UK 130,506 -8.6 98.1
Real People Hearst Magazines UK 124,859 -11.7 98.9
Pick Me Up Time Inc. (UK) Ltd 121,503 -9 100
Heat Bauer Consumer Media 120,175 -16.6 90.9
Grazia Bauer Consumer Media 110,031 -13.4 89.7
Star Northern & Shell PLC 107,840 -14.3 98.7
Reveal Hearst Magazines UK 100,685 -11.6 97.7
My Weekly D C Thomson & Co Ltd 98,814 -1.5 93.6
Now Time Inc. (UK) Ltd 86,838 -20.8 99.9
Love It! ACH Publishing 82,830 3.5 100
Look Time Inc. (UK) Ltd 59,390 -35.4 96.6




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  1. Interesting that both Look and Now were headed up by Mark Frith. Well done Mark, got to the Radio Times before the figures came out.

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