Liverpool Daily Post begins liveblogging newsroom processes

The Liverpool Post has begin a day-long project to reveal its editorial processes online using liveblogging and video streaming tools.

Since 7am, the paper has been using the liveblogging tool CoveritLive to provide updates of what is happening in the newsroom and take comments and questions from readers.

“Today we are giving our readers the opportunity to have a say in setting the news agenda for the Liverpool Daily Post – both in terms of online breaking news throughout the day, and for the following morning’s newspaper,” deputy editor Alison Gow writes in a in a story on the paper’s website.

On her personal blog, Gow elaborates on why the paper is undertaking the project.

“I think we as an industry have got to put aside this air of mystery and preciousness we like to cultivate around the way we allow stories to be told,” she writes.

“There are enough rival mainstream news operatives and quality bloggers on Merseyside sharing information with our potential audience for us to have to look at the way we work; Tuesday is a way of trying to reconnect with past, present (and hopefully future) audience. We’ll test the technology and hopefully change some mindsets – internal and external.|

The Daily Post is also planning to use the microblogging platform Twitter and the live video streaming services Bambuser and Qik to show journalists at work and to live stream its main news conference later today.

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