Libel lawyers overlook libel laws


Lawyers are finding it even harder defending the press in our overly litigious online age.

Which is why it is all the more remarkable to see that law firm Finer Stephens Innocent, made a bit of a boob itself – on its own website.

The FSI website, between 3 June and 9 September last year, reported, nay, boasted that it was ‘representing The Business and its editor Andrew Neil in litigation brought by a supporter of Islamic terrorists in libel proceedings”.

Though the claimant, Mohammed El Guerbouzi, was not named, he contacted the lawyers because he ‘is concerned some people may have falsely concluded that the words were an accurate description of him”.

So, months later, the grovelling apology on the ‘News’section of the site reads: ‘We regret the distress and embarrassment caused.”

Perhaps they should have contacted a lawyer?

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