Leveson ensures no more Metworking; Sun reporter says no to seat in dock

Leveson and the ongoing hacking-related police enquiries have cast their shadow over some of Fleet Street’s Christmas parties this year.

The Crime Reporter’s Association Christmas do is normally an uproarious affair where the booze flows freely between coppers and hacks, but this year was rather different.

I'm told by my man on the scene that a token contingent of three police officers turned up, with none of the Met senior command team present.

The rest were clearly terrified that by sharing a drink with members of the press they might somehow fall foul of Met’s crackdown on fraternisation. 

Sun reporter says no to seat in dock

Axegrinder hears from my snitch at the Old Bailey that there was so much interest in a recent trial that the press bench was full.

Court officials rather insensitively suggested that one late-coming reporter sit in the dock.

In view of recent events at his paper, The Sun man politely declined and let his paper pick up agency copy of the case.

Everyone’s been bad. Except us

Following the publication of the Leveson report The Times ran a spread on all the newspaper misdeeds his inquiry had exposed.

One somewhat surprising omission was the Times involvement in computer hacking and the little matter of misleading a High Court judge in the Nightjack case.

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