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Lad Bible ranks as Europe's 'most watched' for video content

The Lad Bible Group has ranked as the number one most watched media property in Europe.

Tubular Labs’ July rankings of top online video creators and brands put the UK-based company, which publishes irreverent news and entertainment stories, ahead of BBC Worldwide, Daily Mail, Sky and the RTL Group.

The site partnered with Tubular Labs, which tracks and analyses video content, in March to bolster its video views. It is followed by half of all UK men aged 18 to 24 and almost a quarter of UK women aged 18 to 24.

Globally, the Lad Bible was the third most watched media property behind Buzzfeed and Time Warner.

It reached 3.1 billion views across all platforms and Lad Bible Group publishers last month. Buzzfeed, Time Warner and The Walt Disney company generated 4.8 billion views, 3.2 billion views and 2.6 billion views respectively in July.

The Lad Bible Group’s nine content brands include the Lad Bible, Sport Bible, Gaming Bible, and Food Bible.

All of these brands together recorded nearly four times more views than BBC Worldwide’s 322 publisher channels, figures show.

Adam Clyne, chief operating officer at The Lad Bible Group, said: “It’s very encouraging to see the strength of our video performance across all our brands and across video platforms including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Vine and our websites.

“We have created a global audience of millennials and Gen Z who associate our brands with great video content.

“It’s especially exciting to see how well Lad Bible Group is performing compared to some of the biggest media businesses in the world and to have moved from fourth to third place in the global rankings, moving ahead of a giant like the Walt Disney Company.”

He said innovation across new platforms such as Facebook Live, with the group producing 26 live broadcasts last month, including one video that received more than 6.4m views.

Denis Crushell, European vice president at Tubular Labs, said: “Our number one goal is to help our customers succeed in online video and commercialize their online video audiences.

“The Lad Bible Group understands what content their audience wants to watch and engage with everyday. It publishes a minimum of 50 videos per day, with each video commanding on average 1.3 million views.”


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  1. First: virtually none of these videos are produced by the Lad Bible. They are brilliant at using the creative endeavour of others to harvest content for themselves. Second: these are Facebook video views, which are clocked up at a rate that is way beyond the reality of what most people would consider a genuine view. Scrolling down a news feed and having a video autoplay counts as a view. Hardly engagement. Don’t get me wrong, to build up so many Facebook follows is impressive, but dig deeper and you start to see the reality of these numbers.

    1. Fair point, but the articles about relative views to the other publishers so even if the figures are all scaled down they’ll still be impressive relative to other giants.

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