Kieron Bryan freed this morning after two months in Russian prison cell - Press Gazette

Kieron Bryan freed this morning after two months in Russian prison cell

Kieron Bryan today vowed to never again do Soduku following his release from a Russian prison cell. 

The 29 year old freelance journalist was arrested in September while filming a Greenpeace protest aboard the Arctic Sunrise in the arctic circle when it was stormed by Russian special forces.

The 28 activists and two freelance journalists were initially charged with piracy although this was subsequently downgraded to hooliganism. Russian photographer Denis Sinyakov was aboard the vessel to take photographs while Bryan was tasked with providing video. 


Bryan was released this morning after the environmental pressure group paid £38,000 in bail for his release.

However, the former Times freelance journalist will not be allowed to leave Russia while the investigation continues

Speaking to BBC News following his release, Bryan said it was difficult being locked up in a Russian prison.

He said: “More than anything, it's the isolation and not being able to speak to anyone, not being able to speak a common language. Being trapped in a cell for 24 hours a day is something I don't ever want to experience again, and there are a lot of people inside who have to carry on doing that.

"My plan now is to go to a hotel and have a long shower, leave my room whenever I want, never do another sudoku puzzle again, and speak to my family. That's the main plan.

"No idea about what happens next. I'm just focusing on getting through today, speaking to my family, and I'll deal with everything from then."



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