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June ABCs: Star titles and Sunday Times circulation up

The Daily Star continued its circulation rise in June and was the only national daily paper to report year-on-year growth, according to new figures from ABC.

The red-top tabloid, which sells for 20p nationwide, added 3.54 per cent to its average daily circulation since May.

Its headline ABC figure of 870,457 is an increase of 18.71 per cent compared with June 2008.

The Star’s closest rival, News International tabloid The Sun, began to see the benefits of cutting its price to 20p in London.

Its circulation rose 1.48 per cent on the previous month, pushing it back above the three million mark at 3,028,302.

Yesterday it was revealed that The Sun’s price cut to 20p would also be introduced in the north of England.

But it still has some way to go to report a bigger circulation than this time last year. The Sun was down 1.98 per cent year on year.

The Daily Mirror’s circulation was marginally up on May, at 1,330,301 – but was still down 9.64 per cent year on year.

Its Scottish sister title, the Daily Record, reported a June circulation of 347,195 – down 11.01 per cent on the same month last year.

The Racing Post rose slightly on May, at 64,317, but was down 7.96 per cent on the year.

Mid-market titles

Discount vouchers in the Daily Express and a money-off deal when bought with the Daily Star helped the Express add 1.36 per cent to its May circulation.

In June it put out 729,507 copies – a decline of 1.73 per cent year on year.

Associated Newspapers rival the Daily Mail was up marginally month on month to 2,201,088 – an annual decline of 1.35 per cent.


After a month-on-month circulation boost in May from its MPs’ expenses coverage, the Daily Telegraph slipped back slightly in June.

Its circulation, at 835,419, was down 3.46 per cent year on year.

The Independent remained the biggest faller in the quality newspaper market, down 14.35 per cent year on year and 1.95 per cent on the previous month at 200,399.

The Guardian was marginally up on May at 336,034 – a year-on-year drop of 3.21 per cent.

Circulation of The Times remained stable month on month at 590,900 – down 3.35 per cent year on year.

The Herald fell 9.69 per cent year on year to 57,756. Its Scottish daily rival, The Scotsman, was down 7.4 per cent on last year with a June circulation of 47,563.


The Sunday Times was one of only two papers to report year-on-year circulation growth in June, up 5.41 per cent to 1,210,352.

The other was the Daily Star Sunday, up 1.88 per cent on last year and 7.32 per cent month on month at 386,069.

The News of the World returned back above the three million circulation barrier, up 3.22 per cent on May with 3,018,187 – a year-on-year slip of 4.79 per cent.

The Sunday Mirror was also up on the month at 1,243,402, a decline of 6.99 per cent compared with the same period in 2008.

The biggest faller in the Sunday market was the Independent on Sunday, down 22.47 per cent year on year to 162,474.

National newspaper ABCs for June 2009
All percentage changes are year on year

Daily Mirror – 1,330,301 (-9.64%)
Daily Record – 347,195 (-11.01%)
Daily Star – 870,457 (+18.71%)
The Sun – 3,028,302 (-1.98%)
Daily Express – 729,507 (-1.73%)
Daily Mail – 2,201,088 (-1.35%)
Daily Telegraph – 835,419 (-3.46%)
Financial Times – 411,988 (-7.58%)
The Herald – 57,756 (-9.69%)
The Guardian – 336,034 (-3.21%)
The Independent – 200,399 (-14.35%)
The Scotsman – 47,563 (-7.4%)
The Times – 590,900 (-3.35%)
Racing Post – 64,317 (-7.96%)

Daily Star Sunday – 386,069 (+1.88%)
News of the World – 3,018,187 (-4.79%)
Sunday Mail – 417,654 (-13.06%)
Sunday Mirror – 1,243,402 (-6.99%)
The People – 586,499 (-8.33%)
Sunday Express – 639,527 (-5.54%)
Sunday Post – 352,707 (-10.58%)
The Mail on Sunday – 2,059,117 (-6.58%)
Independent on Sunday – 162,474 (-22.47%)
The Observer – 409,970 (-6.36%)
Scotland on Sunday – 62,880 (-6.38%)
Sunday Herald – 37,341 (-17.85%)
The Sunday Telegraph – 619,335 (-2.58%)
The Sunday Times – 1,210,352 (+5.41%)

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