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Journalists congratulate Geordie Greig on appointment as Daily Mail editor as questions raised over paper's Brexit position

Mail on Sunday editor Geordie Greig has now been confirmed as Paul Dacre’s replacement when he steps down from his role as Daily Mail editor later this year.

Following the announcement that Dacre would be leaving his position after 26 years, journalists were mixed in their responses between celebrating his departure and calling him a “bloody genius”.

Greig’s appointment has so far proved less divisive, although many have raised questions over the editorial direction of the Daily Mail as the new editor is a staunch remainer, at odds with Dacre’s pro-Brexit stance which was credited with helping to swing the EU referendum.

Daily Mail owner Lord Rothermere also announced that current Daily Mail deputy editor Ted Verity will become Mail on Sunday editor.

Minutes before the announcement was made last night, ITV political editor Robert Peston tweeted: “Any minute now Geordie Greig will be announced as new editor of Daily Mail.

“And I understand he will report directly to Rothermere, not to Paul Dacre (in his new role as chair of Associated). Now that’s what I call a reshuffle!”

Others congratulated Greig on the appointment. Former Daily Mirror editor and Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan said on Twitter: “Congrats to Geordie Greig and Ted Verity on becoming editors of the Daily Mail & Mail on Sunday respectively.

“Both superb journalists. I offer the same advice Kelvin MacKenzie gave me: ‘Never edit with a hangover & if you get in the sh*t, get out of it a million miles an hour.’”

Journalists who had worked with Greig during his time editing both the Evening Standard and Mail on Sunday praised their former boss.

Ned Donovan, who worked as a reporter at the Mail on Sunday before going freelance, tweeted: “Geordie Greig is the best editor I’ve ever had.

“He gave me the chance to work at the best Sunday paper in Britain with barely any experience and taught me a vast amount in the process. Great choice for the Daily Mail.”

Guardian deputy political editor Pippa Crerar, who worked under Greig at the Evening Standard, said on Twitter: “He’s about as far from Dacre as you can get. Daily Mail colleagues – get ready for grown up professionalism rather than rule of fear.”

Others commented on Greig and Dacre’s differing stances on Brexit with people unsure on whether this will mean a change in tack for the Daily Mail.

Labour peer Andrew Adonis described Dacre’s replacement by Greig as “a revolution in the British media” and “by far the most important political story this week”.

He added: “Daily Mail moving from Brexit to Remain leapfrogging Mrs May and her nonsense, like public opinion. Very likely we will now stop Brexit.”

Nick Cohen, a columnist for the Observer, tweeted: “Anyone who thinks the Mail will change now Paul Dacre has been replaced with Geordie Greig may be being over optimistic.

“On the whole, newspapers follow their readers, and if Mail readers want little Englandism, my guess is that’s what Greig will give them.”

Jane Merrick, who has written for the Telegraph, Times and Independent, also said on Twitter: “To fellow Remainers who believe Geordie Greig is going to turn the Mail against Brexit: Paul Dacre is editor until November, by which time the Brexit deal is *supposed to have been struck with Brussels.

“Not sure what Greig would be able to do after that. *though who can tell?”

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