Health Inequality Reporter, Bureau Local

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Job type: Full-time (flexible working and job share applicants welcome)
Location: Anywhere in the UK
Salary: £44,000

The coronavirus epidemic has thrust health inequalities to the forefront of the news. As the crisis developed, it became clear those disproportionately affected by Covid-19 – the elderly, ethnic minorities, people living in deprivation – were the same groups at higher risk of ingrained health issues such as lower life expectancy, high infant mortality and other unequal outcomes.

From our overstretched social care and mental health services to the housing crisis and the environment, it is clear the causes and effects of health inequalities will continue to have a profound impact on social and economic policies in the years to come.

This is where you come in. We are looking for a talented and passionate reporter to join Bureau Local on a health inequalities beat. The successful applicant will work with the team, as well as our 1,000 strong network and media outlets across all parts of the UK, to produce agenda-setting investigations into the health inequalities which divide our society. This is a senior reporting role in the organisation and requires project management and ambitious work.

We’re looking for someone with an eye for under-reported stories or ideas for innovative investigations, but also someone with the drive to develop and realise these projects through collaborative reporting.

We want someone who is not content just to publish a story and move onto the next, but who wants to proactively ensure our work has as much impact as possible. Crucially we’re keen to hear from people, no matter what your background or experience, who are passionate about local journalism and producing stories which have the affected communities at their heart.

Closing date: 16 August

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