James Corden provides good value for Sun as guest editor persuading PM to damn Boris with faint praise

Actor James Corden proves good value for The Sun today as guest editor with an edition which includes interviews with Prime Minister David Cameron and olympic diver Tom Daley (his first since revealing that he is gay).

He also evens things up a little for those who say Page Three is sexist by persuading some of the paper's men to strip topless for the page.

The David Cameron interview (full transcript here£) is entertaining and revelatory as Corden persuades the PM to damn London Mayor Boris Johnsion with faint praise.

JC: When the London Olympics was such a huge success, was there any bit of you annoyed that Boris was getting the credit?

PM: No.

JC: Come on.

PM: No, honestly…

JC: I would be fuming. He didn't even win it. He did something catastrophic like getting stuck upside down – and his approval rate goes up.

PM: He has an amazing capacity to defy gravity that other politicians don't. And also he is fun. I find him genuinely amusing.

JC: I like Boris. I am never quite sure if I buy his schtick.

PM: No underneath there is quite a serious person beavering away.

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