ITV seen as most politically neutral news broadcaster, UK poll shows

The British public believes ITV to be the most politically neutral broadcaster, followed by Channel 4 and then BBC, according to a new poll.

Independent research agency BMG surveyed more than 1,000 adults in the UK to find out whether they believed the country’s top broadcasters were politically neutral or biased in their journalism.

The results found that 45 per cent of people believed ITV to have balanced reporting with 41 per cent saying Channel 4 was politically neutral and 37 per cent saying the same of the BBC.

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Sky News was trusted to be politically neutral by 32 per cent of those questioned with slightly more people (11 per cent) believing it was biased towards right-wing views than left-wing (7 per cent).

Russia Today was seen as the least balanced broadcaster, with only 11 per cent describing it as politically neutral and 13 per cent saying it was strongly biased towards left-wing views.

BMG reveals public perceptions of broadcaster impartiality in the UKDespite the BBC’s commitment to treat all subjects with due impartiality, more people believed the BBC to be politically biased than neutral, with a total of 40 per cent saying it was biased towards the left or right.

However, when the respondents own ideological beliefs are taken into account, the amount is spread quite evenly with 41 per cent of those with left-wing views saying the BBC is biased towards the right and 52 per cent of those on the right considering the BBC to be left-leaning.

BMG said in its report that it decided to conduct the poll due to “claims of partisan reporting” coming from all angles.

BMG said: “Those on the left of the political spectrum tend to argue that the BBC has a ‘right-wing’, ‘pro-business’, or ‘conservative’ bias.

“Similarly, those who could be considered on the right of the political spectrum reportedly criticise the BBC’s output as overtly ‘left-wing’, ‘metropolitan’ or ‘liberal’.”

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14 thoughts on “ITV seen as most politically neutral news broadcaster, UK poll shows”

  1. This just goes to show how brainwashed and “asleep” the general public are. ITV are equally as bad as the rest of them. There is not one, single, solitary news station in the UK who are not pro-EU, so the question of left or right becomes completely irrelevant. All of them without exception, are purveyors of government propaganda. All of them spread lies and disinformation, and deliberately omit any story, that exposes, or portrays the EU in a negative light. The UK government continually issues “D” notices to the TV media to restrict any reporting on anything controversial or embarrassing to the agenda, so the UK public have been “dumbed down” for decades, with nonsensical trivia, and an endless diet of soaps and sport. They have no clue what is really happening in the political world. They do not know what the truth is regarding any particular story, because it has to go through the “spin cycle” first. The question should really be about “globalism” versus Nationalism, because left and right doesn’t mean anything any more. Your vote will go to the EU no matter which party you vote for, so in essence, this article is simply yet more “dumbing down” because the author must know that none of these stations are more right, or left, than any other. This is why the 17.4 million people who voted leave do not have a TV channel that caters for their voice. There is no voice whatsoever for those who oppose globalism. When you have to resort to foreign news channels to find out what is happening in your own country (and other countries within the EU and US), you know that there is something seriously amiss with the UK media.

    1. Russ,
      This has been troubling me too, I’m in total agreement with you on all points. You have helped clarify my thoughts.
      I have noticed myself that there is never any mention of the difficulties experienced by other E.U. countries and never any focus on the positive aspects of leaving.
      The “Dumbing down” by the media is frustrating to say the least. Particularly at a time when peoples interest and hunger for unbiased views is high.
      The temptation now is to bang the drum on my views. However in relation to your article, that would not be appropriate.
      On a positive note, the bias I have witnessed has led me to question and seek knowledge and I believe more and more people are coming to the same conclusions.

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