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IPSO chairman Sir Alan Moses to continue as head of regulator until end of 2019

Former appeal court judge Sir Alan Moses is to continue as chairman of the Independent Press Standards Organisation for a further two years.

He was appointed to the £150,000-a-year three-day-a-week job in 2014 and his three-year-term comes to an end in September of this year.

IPSO has said he will continue until the end of 2019.

Nearly five years after publication of the Leveson report the issue of press regulation remains far from settled.

Last week former Culture Secretary John Whittingdale MP warned that the current hung parliament could again seek to impose statute-backed press regulation on a reluctant industry.

He also said that IPSO risks losing credibility because of it has yet to use its powers to issue fines for serious wrongdoing.

IPSO was set up by the newspaper and magazine industry and exists outside the parliament-backed Royal Charter on press regulation.

Sir Hayden Phillips, chairman of IPSO’s independent appoints panel, said: “Sir Alan became the founding chairman of IPSO at a febrile time for press regulation.

“Since then IPSO has become fully established as the respected, independent regulator of UK newspapers and magazines. The success of the organisation owes much to Sir Alan’s leadership and integrity. The panel was unanimous and enthusiastic in offering him a new contract”.

Moses said: “IPSO has achieved much in the first three years, but there is more to do. I have been well supported by the Board and Complaints Committee and above all by IPSO’s staff. I am looking forward to reinforcing IPSO’s independence and effectiveness in my second term.”



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Author: Dominic Ponsford

Dominic Ponsford is the editor of Press Gazette


4 thoughts on “IPSO chairman Sir Alan Moses to continue as head of regulator until end of 2019”

  1. Excellent result for Rochdale Online, and I applaud them for taking on the big boys. The verdict will hopefully encourage other freelancers that it is worth going the legal route when large news organisations try to rip them off by trying to get round copyright law.

    Hopefully the editor of the Independent will take note of this case and stump up payment to the freelance whom I mentioned in my PG blog yesterday.

  2. Way before Asha King we took our son to France for Proton Therapy against medical advice. A very sick child indeed with feeding tube in situ. Accused of taking our son for wacky stuff abroad and shouted at by doctors at a world famous cancer hospital. We remortgaged our house and we went, language difficulties, vomiting child and all. As parents we knew that if we did not continue to do what we thought was best for our son it would destroy our family. The neurosurgeon thought our 14 yr old would never go back to school his disabling stroke and brain cancer indicated a 5 yr survival of 30%. We went to hell and back but refused to give up on him. So 12 years later with a BA from Cambridge and 2 Masters he is incredibly alive and well with no recurrence. My heart goes out to Charlie Guard and his parents. Too many people with too many opinions. Leave them be to give everything they can to their precious son because no one can ever know the outcome with rare disease and untried treatments. Their love for him will drive them on and even if the outcome is not good their heart and souls will remain complete for the rest of their lives as they will always know that they did not give up on him. There is not just one life at stake here there are three.

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