Indy redrafts front page after Snowden picture gaffe - Press Gazette

Indy redrafts front page after Snowden picture gaffe

The Independent had to rework its front page this morning after a picture of whistleblower Edward Snowden at a Moscow  airport turned out to be the wrong man.

In what appeared to be a world exclusive for the paper, its first edition showed Snowden, who is wanted by US authorities after leaking details of spying operations, getting off a train at the airport.

But what appeared to be a coup for new editor Amol Rajan on his first day in the job was in fact a case of misidentification.

The picture was supplied by Barcroft Media, which later provided an advisory note to publishers stating that the man in the red T-shirt was not Snowden.

The Independent redrafted its front page, but not before first editions went to press.

Meanwhile,  journalists from around the world boarded an Aeroflot flight this morning from Moscow to Cuba believing Snowden was on board. But the whistleblower did not board the flight and AP journalist Max Seddon has tweeted a picture showing his empty seat.



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