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Huge Bhutto gaffe for US magazine

This week’s edition of Parade magazine, given away with several million American Sunday papers including the NY Post, carries a large front page photo of Benazir Bhutto, the former Pakistan leader, and the headline: ‘I Am What the Terrorists Fear Most”.

Inside there is a lengthy interview with her by noted American writer Gail Sheehy, in which Bhutto is quoted saying how much she is looking forward to this week’s (now postponed) Pakistan election which could, she predicted profoundly affect the fight against terrorism. Is she America’s best hope against al-Qaeda? asks Parade.

All this a week after the former Pakistan leader, newly returned from exile, was publicly shot dead in Pakistan. And days after she was buried.

In journalism circles it’s regarded as one of the biggest gaffes for many years. Why couldn’t they put a sticker on the front page, saying perhaps: “Mrs Bhutto’s last interview?”. That’s what some journalists have suggested.

Scrapping the issue completely and reprinting would, it’s conceded, have been very expensive, if not impossible.

The only comment from the publishers of Parade, which has circulation of over 30 million, is that the issue with the interview had already gone to press when she was assassinated.


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