How to pitch to: Wedding - Press Gazette

How to pitch to: Wedding

Pitch to:

Direct to me who then filters possible ideas through to relevant department heads.

Type of article:

The whole tone of the magazine is upbeat and optimistic with a strong emphasis on expertise. We offer practical advice features, guidance from industry experts, and always want exclusives, including book excerpts and interviews with bridal designers.


Any issue that affects our brides-to-be, whether it’s the latest dress trends, how to budget for their wedding, time management, planning issues or the next big thing for receptions.

How to pitch:

Send a short paragraph outlining the idea and why it is relevant to my readers via email to

Please include low-res jpegs of visuals where relevant.

Post pitch:

Because we are a bi-monthly title, I may not be able to use ideas in the next issue, and this can delay my response. So do send an email reminder after a couple of weeks if you’ve had no reply.

What will impress?

Concise, clever ideas that employ lateral thinking to offer an angle that hasn’t been covered before. Be original. Not all bridal titles are the same: look at Wedding and assess whether the idea is relevant to our ABC1 reader before you send it in – research is key.

What won’t impress?

Strictly no wedding-day disaster stories! No triumph over adversity real-life stories. No unsecured exclusives. Ideas with spelling errors will get deleted immediately.

Rates for pieces?

Varies on type of piece, for big names – writers or subject – we will pay more.