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How to pitch to VICE magazine

Pitch to: I’m the editor. Everyone should also cc James Knight in editorial at

Types of articles: Well-thought-out, clever pieces about interesting things – news, funny things, music, art, fashion and literature – with all the photographic elements preferably ready to go as well.

How to pitch: Email to start off with. And then follow up with ichat or AIM.

Post-pitch: Don’t be personally offended by constructive criticism. If you don’t get an answer straightaway be persistent.

What will impress: Access, good photos, interesting theories, opinions and sense of humour.

What is a turn-off: Stupidity and pitches from people who’ve never read the magazine.

Rate: Depends on how much we like the piece and how big it is.

Images: They should at least have an idea of how to present the article visually. People should be as self-sufficient as possible.

Other info: Have integrity and never fear tomorrow.


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  1. I wonder if Alice Harold, Emma Yuile, Andy Capper and James Knight are being paid for their work? You know I think they might be.Picking the pockets of young people is pretty despicable behaviour.

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