How to pitch to: Travel Trade Gazette

Pitch to:

For TTG features, Robin Searle on; for TTG Knowledge supplements, Sonia Soltani on and for TTG Luxury and TTG Business magazines, Adam Coulter on

Type of article:

We will consider pitches for destination and sector-focused features, but our role as a B2B title is to inform our readers of trends and advise them on how they can improve their business. Our readers want to know what they can sell, and how they can sell it – they don’t look to us for 3,000 words of colour.


Features will focus on specific destinations, sectors such as cruise, air or accommodation, or themes such as ethical travel.

How to pitch:

A brief synopsis by email is usually best.

Post pitch:

A follow-up phone call isn’t a bad thing if you haven’t had a response, but ringing 10 minutes after sending an email, demanding an answer, isn’t a good idea.

What will impress:

Knowledge of the industry and a clear idea of how the pitch relates to our readers.

What won’t impress:

Speculative pitches, particularly when the freelance is clearly less concerned about content and how it will relate to our readership, and more concerned about telling a PR they have secured a commission in order to bag a free holiday.

Rates for pieces:

Rates vary across titles, based on expertise and nature of commissions.


We expect freelances to provide or source images for most features.

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