How to pitch to: Total Politics - Press Gazette

How to pitch to: Total Politics

Pitch to:

The editor, Sarah Mackinlay

Type of article:

We’re a new magazine so all ideas welcome, but specifically features, humour and satire. It doesn’t have to be confined to UK politics:we are also interested to know how our system compares with other countries, and there will be occasions when we would want to cover international issues.


Broadly, politics and current affairs, political lifestyle.

How to pitch:

Email the editor. Be brief, concise and ensure all contact details are on the email.

Post pitch:

Follow a pitch with a phone call, if there is no room in the issue you are pitching an idea for, ask if it would work in the following month’s edition.

What will impress?

Show knowledge of our publication. Read the magazine so you have an understanding of its style and tone. Broadly, you need to show brevity, insight and knowledge.

What won’t impress?

Verbosity. Keep all pitches concise and make it clear exactly what it is you want to write about. Inappropriate pitches on subjects not relevant to us are very frustrating and it wastes both our and the journalist’s time.

Rates for pieces?

Similar rates to The New Statesman.


Not necessary, but we would be very happy if the freelance supplies them.