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How to pitch to: surfgirl

Pitch to

Louise Searle, editor, at

Type of articles

Currently we have a couple of regulars who write about green living surfer-style, fashion and fitness. But any section of the magazine if you’ve got something that’s a perfect fit!


We feature surfing, travel, beauty, fitness, surf news and happenings, fashion, surfing how-tos, environment and latest-trends/gadgets type of things.

How to pitch

Email with article ideas, whether you have any images and a short bit about who you are.


Follow-ups are okay by email.

What will impress

Something that shows you have read the magazine and also know what you’re talking about surfing-wise.

What won’t impress

We see a lot of ‘I’m a writer/going on a surf trip, can I write for you?’ which doesn’t tell us anything about what you’ve got to offer.


£45 per 1,000 words, but it does depend on the article.


We can’t take travel/surf trip/destination type articles without them and they have to be professional as the magazine is very visual.


We’re a small publisher so we don’t have a big budget for freelancers and don’t use that many.

Editor, Louise Searle