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How to Pitch to: Scarlet magazine

Pitch to

Post a letter or email the editor’s assistant Andrea Wilde at Scarlet, 9 Ricket Street, London SW6 1RU or

Type of articles

Opinion pieces, reports, sex and relationship features, profiles of feminists, comedy lists, quirky real-life stories; basically everything you see in Scarlet except Full Frontal (the news section), fashion and travel, which are done in-house.


Ranging from why some people are boycotting the Beijing Olympics to the new trend for G-shot (G-spot injection) parties.

How to pitch

Pitches should come with suggested word count, a cracking title/standfirst, an intro and sample copy, plus a list of experts/case studies that’ll be featured, and any relevant research, such as survey findings.


Pitches are reviewed once a month, so wait four weeks before chasing up yours.

What will impress

Before pitching, request Scarlet’s Pitch Perfect guidelines from Andrea Wilde (address above), and then follow the examples given.

What won’t impress

Being asked to read a 1,000-plus word document with no indication of what the feature is about or what section it’s intended for.


£100 a page. Word count varies depending on the article/section, but is on average around 500 words a page.


Photos of case studies and personal portraits may be requested, or PR contact details may be needed for our picture desk to chase up required images.