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How to pitch to: Radio Times

Pitch to I have a team of commissioning editors and I will pass on details.

Type of articles

In most cases we know what’s coming up in advance, so there’s no point vaguely pitching ‘something on the set of the new Dickens drama”, or ‘I’d like to interview Stephen Fry'(So would everyone). It’s likely our commissioning team have already thought of a treatment. But you could always surprise us if you have a fresh angle, or exclusive access. Or try pitching yourself and we’ll see if we can match you to one of our feature ideas.


Television, primarily, and radio. We’re more interested in programmes than media pieces about the industry. We cover film but we have two film experts already.

How to pitch

By email initially. Keep it short, telling us your original angle, include cuttings and details of which publications you’ve written for and for how long. If you’re not pitching a specific angle, tell us your special interest areas – it might help us match you to a programme.


Don’t be put out if we say: ‘We’ve already thought of that.’If we like your writing we’ll find something else for you.

What will impress

A lively, well-informed writing style. A real tone of voice that brings verve and personality to the piece. Humour and wit. Being willing to do that old fashioned leg-work thing and hit the phones and do the interviews.

What won’t impress

Blogs, extended reviews, opinion pieces like ‘What I think of the X Factor'(Unless they are brilliantly funny).


Depends on the length of story. Our features range from 600 to about 1,500 words.