How to pitch to: olive - Press Gazette

How to pitch to: olive

Pitch to:

The relevant department head – names are all on the masthead:

Type of article:

Absolutely nothing on spec. We commission main features on food issues, such as carbon labelling/rising prices, and interesting ethical food producers, to experienced food writers; recipe features to experienced recipe writers; restaurant features to restaurant experts; and food-focused, practical travel guides to writers who really know the food scene.

How to pitch:

Email the relevant department head, not me please, with specific ideas that fit into the olive blueprint. Include head, sell and two lines about the content.

Post pitch:

If the idea is a winner we’ll get back to you at once. If you don’t hear within a week, one follow-up email should jog our memories.

What will impress:

Pitches written in the olive tone. Clever angles on restaurant features. Demonstrating you can make serious food issues readable and easy to understand. Original main-feature ideas that make brilliant coverlines.

What won’t impress:

Being pounced on at press launches. Other calls or emails that are unlikely to get a positive response are: ‘I’m going on a press trip to Hong Kong for three days tomorrow and might be able to interview a chef while there. Can you send me a mag so I can see the kind of thing you do…”, ‘I had lunch with Flibberty Gibbertt PR yesterday and he suggested I write about (insert name of client here) for olive.”

Rates for pieces:

Depends on the length of feature and research involved.


If it shows how well you know a particular producer/destination.