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How to pitch to Conde Nast Brides

Pitch to: Freelances should pitch via email to our features editor Kathryn Blundell on

Type of articles: We commission sex and relationship features, budget and financial guides, first-personal experiences including a regular male view page and insights into marriage and engagements, practical guides on wedding planning, and lifestyle shoots.

How to pitch: Email as much detail as possible, including an original outline idea, full breakdown of the topics covered in the feature, number of experts and ‘real people’voices, length of the feature or word count and suggested heads, sells and cross.

Post pitch: If no response, follow up with another email after two weeks.

What will impress: A well-thought through pitch, an original newsy spin with a celebrity hook or idea and good use of personal contacts. But most of all, someone who’s read the magazine and knows what page/section they’re pitching for.

What won’t impress: Done-to-death ideas; writers wanting to write a column on their wedding planning (we get a request a day!); people who’ve never read the magazine pitching for a section we don’t have.

Rate: About £250 for 800 words; £350 for 1200.

Images: If they use real people, yes. Otherwise, no, though PR contact details are always helpful.

Other useful stuff: Bear in mind that the magazine is bi-monthly and we work three months ahead, so you might have to wait a long time to hear back or see your feature in print.