How to pitch to: Computer Arts

Pitch to

The magazine editor, in the first instance. If the idea’s good it might be farmed off to a section editor to work up the commission.

Type of articles

Cover features, profiles, shorter features and tutorials.


The magazine covers the design industry – graphic design, illustration, web design, motion graphics, and a touch of video and special effects too.

How to pitch

Know who and what we’ve covered and what visual trends are going on in the industry, as well as shifts in the way designers are working and what interests them. Based on this, come up with three or four feature ideas that will appeal to our readers. I get a lot of material sent in on spec that is so far off the mark it’s unbelievable.


Typically, if we’re interested, we’ll get back to the journalist within a day or two. If you don’t hear anything for a few weeks get in touch again.

What will impress

When the writer not only thinks about the feature itself but also the boxouts that could go with it and the imagery that can support the article. We are, after all, writing about a highly visual subject.

What won’t impress

Being pitched to via a group email. People offering to proofread the magazine. And people who get the name of the magazine wrong or who haven’t even bothered to find out the name of the person they’re pitching to.




Generally we prefer it if the writer acquires the images, but we can also help with that.

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