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How to Pitch to Bizarre

Pitch to: Me, Kate Hodges., 020 7907 6484

Type of article: Features, news, some music and film interviews.

Topics: Anything that’s mind-blowing, odd, weird, interesting, fascinating, horrific, or that makes you scratch your eyes in disbelief. Every month we look for stories in the realms of crime, weird people with a story to tell, investigative features relevant to our readership, body modification, fetish, subculture profiles, photo stories, bizarre travel features and features where the writer tries out what they’re writing about.

How to pitch: Email me initially, with your ideas. Write a paragraph for each idea, telling me who you’d speak to for the piece, what your angle is, and whether you’re brave enough to get in on the action yourself. Remember, Bizarre is a viscerally visual magazine, so sample images and picture leads will always strengthen your case.

Post-pitch: Give me a few days, then pester, pester. Call or email me. Bear in mind that we have been covering weird stories for 10 years, so there’s a strong possibility that we’ve written about what you’re pitching about before. But please don’t be disheartened, Bizarre is notoriously difficult to pitch ideas for.

What will impress: A well-structured, in-depth pitch that includes ideas for sidebars and boxouts. A strong idea of how the piece could work visually. A well-planned and interesting list of people to talk to. Enthusiasm. Examples of relevant work.

What won’t impress: Ideas that are bland and not relevant and that could be pitched to any magazine. Spelling mistakes. CVs.