Guardian website tops ABCe figures

The Guardian remains the most popular UK newspaper on the internet, according to the latest figures from ABCe.

The audited figures show The Guardian on 15,093,058 unique users for the whole month of March, compared with the The Times on 8,048,029, The Sun on 7,797,032 and the Daily Telegraph on 7,392,803.

The Times' figures have seen a dramatic reduction since the site relaunched in February at an estimated cost of £10million. In January the site had 10,891,378 different users.

The Telegraph claims that it was the most visited website in 2006, using figures from online competitive intelligence firm Hitwise.

The Advertising Standards Authority has upheld the Telegraph Media Group's right to describe as "Britain's No. 1 quality newspaper website". The disputed Telegraph advertisement was based on research by Hitwise.

Edward Roussel, Telegraph Media Group digital editor, said: "This latest commendation from Hitwise reflects the high degree of loyalty among our UK readers."



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