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Goodwill to all men (or maybe not)

Axegrinder is a fan of seasoned Scottish reporter Stephen Rafferty’s blog, a tie-in with his firm Sure PR.

But one person who is clearly not as keen is Alan Crow, executive editor of the Scottish edition of the Daily Mail, who has attracted the Scottish blogger’s ire.

Rafferty claims: “I’ve lost count of the times when I’ve done the graft, took the knocks, risked a do-ing, called in favours, issued barely concealed threats, coerced, cajoled, growled, sweet talked, schmoozed and flirted my way to standing up a story, filed copy and got up early the next morning to grab the paper off the shelves and enjoy the glory. Only to read ‘Exclusive by Alan Crow’.”

After reading the post himself, Crow was unsurprisingly displeased, and had his own say. In an online comment, he said he found it “rich indeed, coming from a washed-up journo who only got a chance to work with the big boys when I plucked him from the obscurity of the Edinburgh Evening News and sculpted him into a decent reporter. Now he’s a pr. I rest my f***** case!!!!!!”



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