Giveaway bonanza as nationals renew circulation push

There was renewed energy in the circulation war at the weekend as the national press gave away a bonanza of free DVDs, CDs and other merchandise.

The Mail on Sunday was seeking to build on a bumper first week for its relaunched and redesigned package.

Last week it put on a 19.8 per cent increase in sales week on week as it relaunched in two main sections. It was helped by a free DVD of the Jazz Singer to achieve a sale of 2,465,000 according to industry sources.

This weekend it repeated a previous ground-breaking give-away model by giving away the complete album of Jean Michel Jarre’s Oxygene.

The MoS is also helped by new printing presses which have gone on stream in Didcot and London which make it full-colour throughout.

Elsewhere, the Sunday Mirror gave away a John Lennon DVD (redeeemable at Somerfield), the Daily Star offered a free copy of an Alien or Predator film (redeemable online), the Sunday Telegraph polybagged a free 1985 DVD, the Independent on Sunday included a copy of the flim Land and Freedom and the Sunday Times included a Captain Pugwash DVD.

The most successful Saturday paper giveaway looked set to be the Sun’s offer of two free low energy lightbulbs – if the paper was bought at a major retailer. It was said to be worth £4, versus a Sun cover price on Saturday of 55p.

The Daily Express offered Sanatogen vitamins for every reader (said to be worth £9.99) redeemable at Tesco.

The Daily Mail offered both free vitamins and two free lightbulbs on its front page – in what may have been a spoiler promotion. Both actually required the payment of postage and packing costs.

There were also more DVD giveaways in the Saturday papers – with The Times offering a Mr Benn DVD, the Independent giving away Spanish film Familia Rodente and the Daily Mirror offering a Diana DVD.

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