'Getting under market skin' is key to B2B success - Press Gazette

'Getting under market skin' is key to B2B success

Being a successful trade title is about getting under the skin of your market, according to PPA business and professional magazine editor of the year, Richard Vize from Local Government Chronicle (LGC)

Vize, who the judges described as a “driving force behind change”, has been on the title for 15 years.

He said: “We really are deeply embedded in our market, we’re passionate about it and we fight on its behalf and are also willing to challenge it. I think that’s been the secret of our success – it really is about getting under the skin of your market, not just looking over the wall from the outside.”

LGC is Britain’s oldest trade title – celebrating its 152nd birthday later this year. The title has seen major year on year subscriptions growth, with its ABC paid circulation up 8.9 per cent.

Vize said the title had achieved this growth by broadening the appeal of the magazine to areas such as regeneration, transport, housing, and social care.

“We’ve also over the past two years reinvigorated the magazine. We’ve made it much more entertaining, a lot more challenging and opinionated. We are much more the focus of debate in the market than we were before,” he said.

LGC claims to be the first magazine to launch a website, offering a basic online service in 1992, which gave the team early experience in online news. Vize will be temporarily switching titles at Emap Construct, taking the role of editor at Health Service Journal for a fixed period while Emap recruits a permanent editor.