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Former Sun editor Kelvin MacKenzie launches website to help consumers complaint

Former Sun editor Kelvin MacKenzie has launched a social media service to help consumers name and shame companies that fail to respond to complaints.

The platform, called A Spokesman Said, lets consumers sign up and publish complaints about companies that mistreat them.

Once the complaint is approved and published, a virtual countdown clock starts ticking to measure the time it takes for the company to respond. Companies have two days to respond.

They are then ranked and penalised according to a “Customer Powerscore”, based on their response speed and whether the complainant is satisfied with their response.

Users of the site have to sign up using their real identities, and are encouraged to upload evidence such as pictures and Youtube links to support their complaints.

MacKenzie said: “As an editor I know the power of publicity to force companies and politicians to do the right thing.

“Now we are putting that power directly into the hands of the man or woman in the street.

“This is something I have been thinking about for over thirty years. Thanks to social media and web technology we can now really make it work on a big scale.”

MacKenzie’s new venture coincides with his return to The Sun as a columnist. He is best known for editing The Sun from 1981 to 1994.

Since leaving The Sun MacKenzie has written for the Telegraph and the Daily Mail, and has invested in private media ventures.

He sold the video rights company Base 39, which he founded with his son Ashley, for £50m last year.

A Spokesman Said is funded personally by Kelvin MacKenzie and a group of private backers. City AM have reported that Rupert Murdoch is among those backing him. 



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2 thoughts on “Former Sun editor Kelvin MacKenzie launches website to help consumers complaint”

  1. Hi,

    I am hoping you can help me with the poor customer service I am receiving as a Vodafone customer?
    I have been a loyal customer with Vodafone for over 7 years now, and recently upgraded to a Sony Xperia XZ.
    I am now having trouble contacting Vodafone, I get passed from pillar to post, told I’ve phoned the wrong department, fobbed off, promised to have a call back, all extremely frustrating!
    It would be easier to list the issues chronologically;

    I ordered my new phone upgrade in November last year.
    New phone delivered, could not transfer old files & data, so went to the Doncaster store.
    The Tech assistant in store swapped my sim card for a smaller version & connected both phones to do a data transfer.
    I went home & a System update came through which I accepted.
    From then on there was a very poor signal, 1 bar only at my home address, no service at my work address (25 miles apart)
    I reported the problem straight away, and was advised that the issue was a fault with the service in these areas.
    Throughout November, December & now January, I have complained now over 38 times! But to no avail.
    The problem did not improve so I complained again.
    The advice was then given that the Phone was faulty & had not correctly accepted the System Update, the phone on this occasion was exchanged.
    I received the new phone & followed the process of set up.
    The system update came through & the signal was poor again.
    I complained again & was told this time that the sim card was at fault & sent a replacement Sim card.
    The replacement sim card arrived through the post & I installed it, but there was still no improvement.
    I complained & was told that Technical services would contact me 3-4 days later, this never happened.
    I complained yet again & was asked to visit the store to try my sim card in the store phone & my phone with the store sim card.
    This I did & the customer advisor said that there would be no signal issue because there is a signal mast on the shopping centre.
    I have been told various reasons why the phone is exhibiting problems, Area signal problem, Sony phone not accepting the system update properly, Sim card fault, phone fault, Sony/Vodafone system compatibility, etc. etc.!
    All of the above has resulted in a great deal of time elapsed & not to mention time wasted by myself, missed calls, missed texts, not contactable at work. etc.
    I have done everything that has been asked of me & now I am being told that I need to send my phone in for a repair because I have had it for over a month!

    All of the issues & time elapsed has been due to following Vodafone’s advice, so I have said that I will not accept a repaired phone & would like a replacement because the month has elapsed because of following their advice, & through no fault of my own.
    I have also asked for a refund of the 2 months that I have not been able to use the service that I am paying for!

    Could you intervene & help at all please?

    Kind regards

    Paul Weir

  2. hi kelvin
    im trying to get compensation back from norwegian air for my son grant scott who was
    supposed to fly from gatwick to new york on flight dy7015 on 16/06/15. the flight was delayed by 24hrs. norwegian air say the flight left on son and his partner lost 24 hours of their holiday. please can you help

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