Fluttering politicians, flying penguins and Carla Bruni's new role at Number 10. What's the date again?

Readers would be well-advised to read their papers with even greater scepticism than usual today

The BBC — apparently unperturbed by hand-wringing about trust and accuracy in television — has set the April Fools bar particularly high this year with a multimedia gag. It has released a video of a recently-discovered colony of flying penguins, purportedly a promo for a forthcoming nature programme, “Miracles of Evolution”.

Both the Mirror and the Telegraph are in on the joke. We think.

Brand Republic reports the video is part of a BBC iPlayer advertising campaign by agency RKCR/Y&R.

Under the headline “A fool and his money”, the Mail has an extraordinary picture of Chancellor of the Exchequer Alistair Darling playing a lottery scratchcard. Anagram hunters will also have noticed that the snapper credited with the picture is “Rolf Loipa”.

Under the byline Avril de Poisson, the Guardian claimed that Gordon Brown has appointed Carla Bruni-Sarkozy “to spearhead a government initiative aimed at injecting more style and glamour into British national life“.

The Sun also had a Sarkozy gag, reporting that the small-statured French President would be undergoing pioneering surgery to stretch his height to that of his wife. The operation, the Sun warned, would be carried out at the Poisson d’Avril hospital in Geneva. The story included a quote from “Israeli academic Professor Ura Schmuck” and “French government spokesman Luc Biggér”.

More, no doubt, follows…



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