Fleet Street cover-up: Daily Star cans topless page three models

Fleet Street cover-up: Daily Star cans topless page three models

Daily Star page three

The Daily Star has covered up its topless models on page three after “reader feedback” spurred it to make the change last week.

Daily Star editor Jonathan Clark claimed that the new page three was being “trialled” by the paper.

Reach, the publisher of the Star, said the change started on 2 April, but did not say how long it would continue.

The last Daily Star topless page-three model appeared in its 1 April edition.

In a statement, editor Jonathan Clark said: “The Daily Star is always looking to try new things and improve.

“In that spirit, we’ve listened to reader feedback and are currently trialling a covered-up version of page three.”

A source told Mail Online that topless models were “phased out in certain regions over several weeks” before last Tuesday.

Models still appear on page three, but they are now covered, judging by recent back editions.

Glamour model Lana Parker tweeted about the changes in February, saying: “The Daily Star are considering removing topless images from page three.

“They are test running this in certain areas first. Those that want to continue seeing glamour models topless on page three should contact the Daily Star with ‘keep the topless…’ or similar in their own words.”

The Daily Star’s move to take topless models off page three comes after The Sun appeared to scrap topless photos in January 2015, only to bring one back days after media reporters spotted the shift.

It has since put a stop to topless models regularly appearing on page three.

Its decision followed pressure from the No More Page 3 campaign, which pushed for an end to half-naked snaps appearing in the paper.

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