Fake Charlie Hebdo edition sells out in two hours at up to £9 a copy in London

An independent newsagent in London sold out of 70 apparently photocopied editions of Charlie Hebdo in two hours this afternoon selling them for up to £9 each.

The French cover price of the magazine is three euros.

The vendor said he had paid to get the magazine imported himself, hence the high cover price. Rather than appearing on A3, this London edition of Charlie Hebdo is on A4, and it also appears to be on copier paper rather than newsprint. The cropping of the pages also suggests a DIY job, rather than the authentic magazine.

When Press Gazette challenged him he shrugged his shoulders and professed ignorance offering a refund of first £5, and then £9.

It has been reported that only 1,000 editions of the magazine have been imported into the UK.

Wholesalers Smiths News, Comag and Menzies Distribution have said they will be distributing the magazine in the UK.

Picture: Man carrying Charlie Hebdo copy in France, credit: Reuters.

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