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Expo event all looks too much on paper

An exasperated reader informs me that Publishing Expo is to take place at Kensington Olympia, London, 13-14 February.

He knows because he received ‒ in the same post ‒ no fewer than 23 identical leaflets flagging it up.
Dave Skantelbery, from Orbit News in Warrington, tells me: “I realise that we publish five titles, but I would not have thought it beyond the wit of man to notice that all are published from the same address and share the same staff.

“I suppose the trouble is that the ‘wit of man’ did not come into it and we were sent these missives by some computer programmed to send everything everywhere. It may not do Royal Mail any harm, but I wonder how many of these leaflets end up on some landfill site.

“The senders even packaged each one in a see-through plastic bag to make it more difficult to recycle. It’s enough to turn us all into Grey Cardigans.”



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