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EU referendum: Partisan national newspapers make final bid to persuade voters with poster front pages

The partisan national press made a last-ditch bid to persuade voters in the EU referendum today as Ofcom rules barred broadcasters from covering the campaign until the polls close.

The Daily Express  invoked the spirit of Lord Kitchener with its front-page today. The Sun, Daily Mirror and Telegraph also opted for campaigning poster front pages.

Over the last month Press Gazette analysis has shown that pro-Brexit front pages have far outweighed pro-Remain front-page stories in the national press, with the three market-leading national dailies (the Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail and The Sun) all strongly favouring Leave.

However a greater number of titles have favoured Remain.

Scroll down to bottom of this story to see a full breakdown of national press EU referendum endorsements and pie chart showing how the market divides up.


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The following chart is based on adding up the total circulation of newspapers endorsing Remain, Leave and neither. Note: It gives equal weight to Sunday newspapers.


National press EU referendum endorsements at a glance (plus the Standard):

Stance Title Avg Circulation
Leave Daily Express 419328
Leave Daily Mail 1545473
Leave Sunday Express 365071
Leave The Daily Telegraph 498474
Leave The Sun 1716361
Leave The Sun on Sunday 1413493
Leave The Sunday Telegraph 370579
Leave The Sunday Times 797280
Undeclared Daily Star 513233
Undeclared Daily Star – Sunday 316224
Undeclared i 284434
Undeclared Metro 1347594
Undeclared Sunday People 272019
Remain Daily Mirror 785717
Remain London Evening Standard 900175
Remain Sunday Mirror 709495
Remain The Mail on Sunday 1374864
Remain The Observer 194054
Remain The Times 436692
Remain The Guardian 169424
Remain Financial Times (UK edition) 63,178
Remain Daily Record 172699
Remain Sunday Mail 187636



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Author: Dominic Ponsford

Dominic Ponsford is the editor of Press Gazette