Election candidates urged to take stand on media issues

The National Union of Journalists has asked all parliamentary candidates to reveal where they stand on five media issues as part of a Make Your Vote Count Campaign launched this week.

The NUJ has asked candidates to sign up to five pledges to:

  • work to ensure that the future of public service broadcasting, including local news – at the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Five is properly resourced;
  • work to support legislation introducing the default recognition of moral rights for all freelance journalists;
  • work to strengthen self-regulation of the press widening membership og the PCC beyond a narrow band of media proprietors and supporting the introduction of a conscience clause for journalists;
  • work to support strengthened Freedom of Information legislation;
  • work to ensure anti-terror and privacy legislation does not adversely impact on the rights of journalists and photographers.

The NUJ will publish MPs’ responses on its website.

Members have also been urged to organise media debates involving the candidates in their constituencies.

NUJ general secretary Jeremy Dear said: “With journalists facing attacks on jobs, pay and media freedoms, our campaign gives us an opportunity to raise the profile of the issues that matter to our members.

“Members can hold candidates to account before the election in a way that has become almost impossible in an age of stage-managed news conferences and pre-scripted soundbites.”

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