Do you know your IPSO from your ISIS? Try Press Gazette's 2014 media law quiz - Press Gazette

Do you know your IPSO from your ISIS? Try Press Gazette's 2014 media law quiz

There’s nothing like a Christmas quiz. And this is nothing like a Christmas quiz.

It’s a chance to test your knowledge of some of 2014’s legal and ethical issues.

1 – The new press regulator is called:

  1. ISIS
  2. IPSO
  3. PCC, the sequel

2 – The ‘Right to be forgotten’ means:

  1. You’re a Johnston Press photographer
  2. You suffer from amnesia
  3. You can ask Google to remove you from their search engines

3 – The BBC calls a terrorist organisation ‘the so-called Islamic State’ because:

  1. People call them ‘the so-called independent news broadcaster’
  2. They have exemplary standards of accuracy
  3. They don’t want to offend ……………… (enter the minority group of your choice)

4 – IPSO stands for:

  1. I’m PisSed Off
  2. Irregular Pizza Stitch-up Operation
  3. Independent Press Standards Organisation

5 – Andy Coulson was released from prison in November after serving time for:

  1. Smelling a good story
  2. Selling a good Tory
  3. Hacking phones
  4. Phoning hacks

6 – Max Clifford denies new revelations of indulging in a soixante-neuf. Which order covers the court report:

  1. 69
  2. 39
  3. A judge’s order to lie on the file (ouch)

7 – RIPA is an acronym for:

  1. Regularly Intimidating Press Agents
  2. Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act
  3. Robust Interference with Publishers’ Authority

8 – An MP was upset by the Mirror, because they:

  1. Sent him flirtatious photos of a younger woman
  2. Did not send him flirtatious photos of a younger woman

9 – A judge ruled that only a small number of journalists could cover a terror trial because:

  1. He didn’t like crowds
  2. It was in the interests of justice
  3. He wasn’t invited to the Press Club Ball

10 – The Guardian has refused to sign up to IPSO because:

  1. The toothless PCC published nine complaints against them in 2014
  2. Their editor is so terrified of IPSO he has announced his retirement
  3. IPSO needs to prove itself

11 – Hacked Off’s Hugh Grant starred in the following film:

  1. Censorship Actually
  2. Love Actually
  3. I Didn’t Pay Her For Sex Actually.

12 – Which celebrity said: ‘To most people IPSO is a busted flush’.

  1. Steve Coogan
  2. Steve Coogan
  3. Steve Coogan

13 – After the Sun ran a page 1 photo of a ‘devil boy’, did they:

  1. Give Mr Murdoch his son’s photo back
  2. Arrange for the boy to see Satan (anag: Santa)
  3. Admit: ‘We didn’t get it right’

And finally, one to do during the Queen’s speech:

Paul Dacre was chairman of the PCC editor’s code of practice committee.

Paul Dacre was editor of the Daily Mail when it had more complaints to the PCC than any other newspaper.


Cleland Thom is author of Internet law for journalists

Answers: 1: b. 2: c. 3: b (?). 4: c. 5: c. 6: none of the above. 7: b. 8: a (and possibly b). 9: b. 10: c. 11: b. 12: a, b, c. 13: c. 14. Contact Paul Dacre for the answer.