Devon weekly apologises after running front page story about event in Kent

Devon weekly apologises after running front page story about event in Kent

Devon weekly newspaper

A weekly newspaper in Devon has apologised after it ran a story about a rugby club visit taking place 200 miles away on its front page.

The Midweek Herald published a correction following the error earlier this month, which saw it confuse Cranbrook in Devon with Cranbrook in Kent.

The report claimed children would have the chance to take part in a training camp with top-flight rugby club Harlequins who were visiting the town.

An apology in the Midweek Herald’s Cranbrook edition last week read: “In the Cranbrook edition of the Midweek Herald, we ran a front page story under the headline ‘Harlequins set to run training camp’.

“As many readers spotted, this story was published in error, as the Cranbrook the club was visiting was the Cranbrook in Kent.

“We apologise for the error, which falls well below the standards we expect of ourselves. We are happy to set the record straight.”

The correction ran on page 14 of the 21 August edition of the paper, but was also signposted on the front page.

The Archant-owned title is based in Clyst Honiton near Exeter.

Picture: Midweek Herald



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8 thoughts on “Devon weekly apologises after running front page story about event in Kent”

  1. When the chief of content for the company has no local knowledge or any experience of regional publishing ( I doubt he even knows which titles the company has or where they have offices),you can’t blame the boots on the spot to mistake their own county for another one miles away I suppose.

    This level of incompetence is inexcusable but when you cut out subs,offload experienced local staff and consolidate teams by replacing local knowledge with newbies it’s no more than can be expected
    It’s Archant after all

    My how far this once mighty regional publisher has fallen particularly with CEO Henry boasting the group would be THE top local media group by 2017

    How can anyone be so wrong

    1. Yes, who can forget that laughable boast @Jon, I’ll bet the tie-less one wishes he could.

      So much for Henry’s tub thumping proclamation about Archant being the best regional media group by 2017, under him and his managerial team of yes men and women they’ve actually gone backwards.

      The next round of ABCs, due anytime now ,will be interesting as it will show just how much further they’ve slipped and just how few papers they’re selling these days, many of which must have big question marks hanging over them as to their viability as printed publications any longer.

      There must also be a limit to how long the shareholders wil put up with the level of failure and underperformance which appears to be accepted as the norm there these days before they too demand action.
      They’ve been more than patient up until now listening to promises of jam tomorrow from the chairman but their patience is running out and changes at the top and right through the company will be demanded before any more damage ( and embarrassment such as this latest front page cock up ) is caused.

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