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D'Ancona puts paid to Coulson salary rumours

Exactly how much is former News of the World editor Andy Coulson going to trouser when he starts work for David Cameron next month?

You might have thought his former chums on Tory-supporting papers would be able to find out the answer from their well-lunched contacts at Conservative HQ.

“Mr Coulson, 39, is rumoured to have been lured by a salary of £485,000 in return for combating Mr Brown’s media,” was the excited revelation of The Daily Telegraph’s political correspondents Brendan Carlin and Andrew Pierce.

The huge sum must have been beyond Coulson’s dreams after he was forced to quit in the wake of the phone-tapping scandal which engulfed the Screws. He was, of course, considering other job opportunities including offers from the States, we’re told by Coulson’s “friends”.

But it appears the £485,000 figure may have been a little inflated, according to The Spectator’s impeccably well-connected editor, Matthew d’Ancona.

In his Sunday Telegraph column, d’Ancona dumps a bucket on the “wild claims” made by his colleagues on the daily.

He writes: “Contrary to some of the wilder claims, he will be paid £275,000.”

I wonder if that includes exes?