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'Psychic school', numerology, angels and cosmic ordering all feature in new-look Spirit and Destiny magazine

Spirit & Destiny magazine has revealed a new design and features for its current issue.

Amongst the themes dealt with by the title are connecting with spirits, destiny, luck, crystal power, angels and mindfulness.

Editor Sue Ricketts told Press Gazette that new features  “aim to widen spiritual knowledge, with subjects like ‘What Is A Soul Group’ or Numerology to improve friendships, or a  six-page Masterclass on The Law of Attraction (Cosmic Ordering).

“In our first new-look issue (August cover date)  we have the first of ‘Sally Morgan’s Psychic School’—a monthly tutorial in which the well-known medium helps budding psychics develop their skills step-by-step.”

Ricketts was made editor of both  Spirit & Destiny and Fate & Fortune last year and has an editorial staff of 7.

Ricketts told Press Gazette what makes a good story for her title: “In terms of true life, we look for stories where someone has had an interesting spiritual awakening.

“For instance, in the September issue we have a woman who began seeing dancing balls of light, known as ‘orbs’ which would follow her everywhere, which no one else could see.

“Not surprisingly, she thought she had an eye problem, until she has a visitation from an angel and starts looking into the whole spiritual world which was totally new to her.

“Through many twists and turns this leads to her becoming a past life therapist helping people unlock their own spiritual journey.

“Our readers are on a spiritual path themselves so we aim is to show them that there are lots of others out there like them and also that the spirit world works in mysterious ways.

“Travelling down your spiritual path is not an overnight thing that just happens. For most people it takes years.

“One of our tenets is that we are ‘helping and sharing your spiritual journey’ so what all our stories have in common is the message that you are always being guided by a higher power, which some people call ‘destiny’ or ‘fate’.

“Fate & Fortune magazine also caters for readers who feel they are psychic and spiritual but focuses a bit more on the supernatural side of things and some of the true life stories cover the more extreme end of the spiritual spectrum.”

According to ABC Spirit & Destiny sold an average of 31,802 copies a month in 2016 and its owner Bauer Media claims it is the leader in its market.



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2 thoughts on “'Psychic school', numerology, angels and cosmic ordering all feature in new-look Spirit and Destiny magazine”

  1. I think it’s absolutely shameful this nonsense is featured on a journalism site. It’s not a question of different beliefs, magazines like this promote dangerous nonsense (so called psychics just use cold and hot reading).

    1. @cherrup it’s absolutely shameful? It’s dangerous nonsense? Please can you explain your sweeping statements? This magazine is harmless.

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