Could Daily Mail and Guardian unite over civil liberty threat?

Guardian columnist Timothy Garton Ash wonders aloud today in the paper whether the government’s assault on civil liberties could see both left- and right-wing leaning papers, instead of criticsing each other, arguing exactly the same thing.

Garton Ash writes that hw would rather go to jail than accept a national ID card – and points to a Mail comment piece published yesterday which similarly urged the government to ditch plans for a national identity database.

Columnist and British Vanity Fair editor Henry Porter has for years been campaigning and writing about the issue, primarly in The Observer. Last year in a Press Gazette interview he said that political journalists had “missed the story” of a “stealth approach against liberty”.

The Daily Telegraph has also been active on the issue, revealing yesterday that secret service departments and local authorities  have been intercepting the communications of up to 1,000 people per day.



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