Comscore: Mirror Online is second most visited news website as Sun boosts mobile audience

The Mirror Online has become the second most popular multi-platform news website, overtaking the Guardian for the first time, new Comscore data shows. recorded 22.1m unique monthly visitors for November, up 2 per cent year-on-year, putting it ahead of ahead of with 21.6m uniques, down 10 per cent year-on-year.

The Sun also rose above the Guardian last month, with 21.8m monthly uniques.

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Mail Online continues to be the most visited site, across desktop, laptop, mobile and tablet combined, with 27.4m unique monthly visitors last month.

The Times, which sits behind a metered paywall, recorded just 2.2m unique monthly visitors for the month.

A spokesperson for the Mirror said the growth was “partly driven by the popularity of the Mirror’s mobile platform”.

Pete Picton, editorial director for Mirror Online, added: “We’re really excited by the strength we’re seeing from Mirror Online. Across mobile and desktop, November has been a record month, and we’re working hard to carry this momentum into 2017.”

The Sun also saw growth in its mobile audience, climbing from sixth to the second most read newspaper on mobile, behind the Daily Mail. It reached 20.1m visitors for November across all mobile devices.

Comscore is a cross-platform measurement company. It uses a tag on each news website page to analyse the audience for a website.




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