Cherie Blair says The Sun's baby scoop was 'a mistake'

Cherie Blair, wife of former Prime Minister Tony Blair, said in her autobiography, serialised in The Times, that she mistakenly gave Sun editor Rebekah Wade the exclusive  story of her fourth pregnancy at the age of 45.

The then Mirror editor Piers Morgan has derided Blair over the years for taking the story to his bitter red-top rival – having contacted communications chief about it first. But although Blair admits she said “I don’t want Piers Morgan to have a scoop over my dead body,” she had planned to put the story out on the Press Association wire. 

Wade learned of the tale and called before the PA story had run. So –  thinking that all of Fleet Street was in the loop – Blair had a “girly” chat about it with the Sun boss giving her a front page exclusive.

Blair writes: “To this day he remains convinced that I spoke to The Sun to thwart him…Piers never forgave me for spoiling his party, and over the years, his resentment turned to hatred.

The QC and judge also has some choice words for the Daily Mail, who were “at the forefront of every negative story going. If an unflattering photograph came their way, they would print it. It was like a vendetta.”

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