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Campaigns to get Richard Littlejohn sacked by Daily Mail signed by 240,000

Two petitions calling for Richard Littlejohn to be sacked were delivered to the Daily Mail's offices last week claiming the support 240,000 people.

The petitions were started after after transgender teacher Lucy Meadows was found dead last month. She is thought to have committed suicide.

The SumOfUs petition, signed by more than 200,000, says: “Sack Richard Littlejohn for his disgusting attack piece against Lucy Meadows, apologize for printing it, and institute a editorial review process to prevent this kind of discrimination from ever ending up in print again."

And the Change petition, signed by more than 40,000, says: "The Daily Mail: Fire Richard Littlejohn for victimizing Lucy Meadows, possibly leading to her committing suicide."

Kaytee Riek, the SumOfUs campaign manager, said: "Lucy Meadows' tragic death clearly touched a nerve with people in the UK and across the globe. We are tired of the media whipping up controversy and destroying lives simply to sell more papers.

"Richard Littlejohn crossed a line he shouldn't have been anywhere near when he attacked Lucy, and he needs to be held accountable. However, the Daily Mail holds ultimate responsibility for what it prints, and must reform itself to ensure no other lives are ruined by what it publishes."

The Daily Mail has not responded to a request for comment on this matter.



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