Calling all royal correspondents

Blast! Films is making a documentary about royal reporting since the Second World War, and needs some help tracking down a number journalists and photographers, many of whom will be retired.

If your name is on the following list, or you have any information on them, please contact Rosalind Ereira, assistant producer, Blast! Films, 2 Imperial Works, Perren Street, London NW5 or telephone: 020 7267 4260.

Audrey Whiting  (The People 1950s); Peter Stewart (Daily Sketch 1955); Dixon Scott (Daily Mirror 1960); Anne Lloyd (Daily Mirror 1960); Noel Whitcomb (Daily Mirror 1960); Richard Shears (Daily Mail 1976); Jack Taylor (Mail 1976); Christine Dunn (Mail 1978); Peter Earle (NOTW 1978); Phillip Jackson – photographer (Daily Mail 1978); Nick Rogers – photographer (Mail 1976); Steve Wood – photographer; Paul Edmunds – photographer; Reg Davis – photographer.

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