Burnley Express brews up celebration of 125 years as a bi-weekly

The Burnley Express has teamed up with two local businesses to commemorate 125 years since the newspaper became a bi-weekly.

In addition to the newspaper running 12 special souvenir supplements and a dedicated 125 section of the website, a local brewery and butcher have agreed to name new products in honour of the Express.

Reporter Hannah Ramsden won an in-company competition to name a Moorhouse’s cask ale ‘Brewer’s Scoop’, which is now available across the town.

Meanwhile, butcher George Heys has named a new peppery sausage ‘Hot off the Press’ in honour of the local publication.

Editor Chris Daggett said: ‘We wanted to come up with something just a little bit different to mark this milestone year and having our own beer and sausages fitted the bill.”

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