British press is doing better than the US

From: CC Halitsky Subject: Iraq coverage A friend of mine came by
Matthew Lewin\’s article about \”Mouse Journalism\” in Iraq and forwarded
it to me. Robert Fisk is indeed a very brave mouse to stay on and try
to get the true story and true body counts in Iraq out into the public
domain. I hope he will survive and not leave the world one person short
of his courage and talent.

I could not help but wish though, that
there were journalists as brave and persistent as he here in the US to
ferret out the facts that would undermine and undo the present
administration here, a government that is responsible ultimately for
the terror and destruction clawing and ripping at the lives it
purportedly wished to change for the better, including our own.

Bush administration has everyone except the rich and oilinvested on
death row here as a result of military engagements we could not support
and cuts to a broad range of social services, all driven by a selfish
and shortsighted insistence on perpetuating an oil-based economy and a
society where the well-off can ignore with impunity the welfare of
those who are not well-off unless they happen to be feeling charitable
that day. What sort of model can this possibly be for nation building
in Iraq?

Thanking you and your press for doing your best to keep us all informed.

CC Halitsky, via email

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